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Bathtub, Tile, & Cabinet Refinishing for Salt Lake City

SurfaceKote's mission is to provide high-quality cabinet, tile, and bathtub refinishing solutions at an affordable price. We take satisfaction in bringing new life to your kitchen, laundry, or bathrooms, transforming them from old and outdated to new and beautiful!

Bathtub Refinishing for your Salt Lake City Home


The task of replacing an old bathtub with a newer model is not always straightforward. To fit through the bathroom door, the original tub generally needs to be cut into parts. Plumbing, flooring, trim, and surrounds may also need to be taken out and replaced. Refinishing a bathtub saves you the time and effort involved in a bathroom remodeling project.


To refinish your tub or other fixtures, Surfacekote will schedule a time to come to your Salt Lake City home. The entire procedure usually takes between two and four hours, plus another day to dry. Minor repairs such as chips in tubs, rust stains, hard water removal, holes in tiles caused by the removal of grab handles, and so on are included in this. After that, we cover it with several layers of aliphatic urethane. After waiting 24 hours, your bathroom will look as good as new. The labor on your bathtub is guaranteed for 7 years.


Tile Refinishing in Salt Lake City


SurfaceKote knows that replacing tile is messy, time-consuming, and expensive, and that the contracting job is highly expensive. We can offer you an entirely new look while saving you on replacement costs. Not only would choosing to refinish your tile save you time on installation, which can take weeks in some circumstances, but you won't ever have to clean your grout or caulk lines again!


Tile Refinishing process takes about 2-4 hours from start to finish with a 24 hour dry time. Preparation and little fixes like fixing tub chips, rust areas, hard water damage, and holes in tile caused by removing grab handles are also covered. Then several coats of an aliphatic urethane coating are applied. Your bathroom will be ready to use with a new gleam after 24 hours have passed since the polish was applied. A 7-year warranty is offered on tile work. 


Salt Lake City Cabinet Refinishing


By refinishing kitchen cabinets Salt Lake City homeowners can update the look of their kitchen on a budget. SurfaceKote's years of experience and quality is priority, and our commitment to excellence is visible in our workmanship. Our professional team will help you in refinishing your outdated cabinets to get the desired look you’ve always dreamed of.


Cabinet Refinishing usually takes 2-4 days. We begin by removing all cabinet doors, hinges, and drawer fronts. Then, on the same day, we prepare, prime, and finish the cabinet frames. Your kitchen is then ready for use with a fresh new look once we return within the next two to three days to hang the freshly finished doors.


Why choose SurfaceKote for your project


We are a family-owned company with over 30 years of refinishing experience. We started in auto body and paint but decided to branch out and now specialize in bathtub and tile refinishing. We are also skilled at stripping and refinishing wood. We use the best materials available and make every effort to save you money. Refinishing is an excellent alternative to replacement and usually costs around one-third the price. You will be given a new, long-lasting finish. Contact us to schedule a consultation or to get an estimate on your refinishing project.

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