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Cabinet, Tile, & Bathtub Refinishing West Jordan, UT

SurfaceKote's goal is to offer reasonably priced options for refinishing kitchen cabinets, bathroom fixtures, and other surfaces. We enjoy giving your kitchen, laundry area, or bathroom a facelift and making it look brand new and elegant.

West Jordan Cabinet Refinishing 


SurfaceKote's professional cabinet refinishing method is a cost-effective way to transform the appearance of your cabinets. Depending on your chosen aesthetic and the condition of your cabinets, refinishing may be the best option for your West Jordan home. The process of refinishing cabinets takes 2-4 days. We begin by removing all cabinet doors, hinges, and drawer fronts. Then, on the same day, we prepare, prime, and finish the cabinet frames. Your kitchen is then ready for use with a fresh new look once we return within the next 2-3 days to hang the freshly finished doors. 


Bathtub Refinishing in your West Jordan Home


After a long day, unwinding in a warm bath is a wonderful way to relax. However, taking a bath can be considerably less enjoyable if your bathtub is discolored or rotting. A worn-out, rusted, chipped, or corroded tub can make your bathroom appear out-of-date and unpleasant. But before you throw away that old tub, think about giving what you already have a new coat of paint. Refinishing a bathtub saves you the time and effort required for a larger bathroom remodeling project and is typically more affordable than replacing it with something new. Additionally, it enables you to maintain an older design that gives charm to a bathroom but has seen better days, like an antique clawfoot tub. 


Preparation, small repairs, such as filling holes left by removing grab handles, removing hard water deposits, and minor tub repairs are all included. Then an aliphatic urethane coating is applied in several layers, this procedure usually takes 2-4 hours from beginning to end. Give it 24 hours to cure, and your bathroom will have a fresh shine with a 7 year warranty. Call us today to schedule an appointment to come out to your West Jordan home and refinish your tub or other fixtures


Tile Refinishing for your home in West Jordan


Like the majority of West Jordan residents, renovating your bathroom or kitchen may put a strain on your finances and force you to make compromises on other crucial things like new flooring, a sink, cabinets, and other items. SurfaceKote offers a way to improve the appearance of your bathroom or kitchen without spending a lot of money. You will get a beautiful tile surface while saving money and time with our tile refinishing services. We'll come out and refinish your tile or other fixtures at a time that is convenient for you. From start to finish, this process usually takes 2-4 hours, with a 24 hour dry time in between and is covered by a 7 year warranty.


Why choose SurfaceKote

SurfaceKote is a family-owned business with over 30 years of experience in the field of refinishing. We originally specialized in auto body and paint, but we have now shifted our focus to bathtub and tile refinishing. We are also familiar with stripping and refinishing wood. We use the finest available products and strive to conserve your funds. Refinishing is a cost-effective alternative to replacement, typically costing around one-third as much. You will have a brand-new, long-lasting finish that lasts for years. Contact us today to get scheduled.

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